cu83 發表於 2009-4-30 10:17:40

English version of LONGRUN.HK

We are happy to launch our English version of LONGRUN.HK today,
hoping to share our experiences and thoughts with everyone who love Running, Jogging or even Triathlon.

This section is intended for foreign or English speaking runners/readers.
Therefore, English will be the main language being used in this section.

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kenneth 發表於 2009-4-30 10:39:53

龜速行 發表於 2009-4-30 10:44:04


大圍新跑手 發表於 2009-4-30 10:49:43

Welcome to everybody!fghjugjghj

瘋瘋 發表於 2009-4-30 10:52:32

leefs 發表於 2009-4-30 10:53:53


cu83 發表於 2009-4-30 10:54:55

Please pass the message to them and send them this English link so that they know we launched the English version.

瘋瘋 發表於 2009-4-30 10:58:00

wadee 發表於 2009-4-30 10:59:51


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TNT 發表於 2009-4-30 14:27:03

Hope to share the joy of running with more people!hgj091ghjghj

nc 發表於 2009-4-30 14:37:29

Congratulations to English version of hjhj01218hjhj hjhj01218hjhj hjhj01218hjhj hjhj01218hjhj hjhj01218hjhj

This is a place for people who love running.Look forward to meeting runners around the world fgyhgjm

blurmax 發表於 2009-4-30 14:39:22

hg9bnvbn   Very good direction!


steve123 發表於 2009-4-30 14:45:15

Congratulations!!hjhj01218hjhj hjhj01218hjhj

XiaoEm 發表於 2009-4-30 15:03:51


Congrats!This website is getting better all the time! fgfgtk_41fgfg

瘋瘋 發表於 2009-4-30 15:43:52

arnold 發表於 2009-4-30 17:51:51

Excellent idea!

What will you guys think of next?

哈利330 發表於 2009-4-30 18:23:32

Organizing some English-speaking activities?

wilson 發表於 2009-4-30 19:08:12


駿3 發表於 2009-4-30 19:48:21

wo, thats good news

上水馬王 發表於 2009-4-30 23:40:18

Hope this section will soon have some foreign runners to join!:loveliness:
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